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Problems and progression

Earlier this year I identified a perfect venue for Bluey's Community, it was affordable, the site was also a social enterprise and the costs to set up would be low. Unfortunately one aspect I had not counted on was a comprehensive tenancy application, vague  guidelines and elusive staff. It resulted in a failed tenancy which put me back to square one after 5 months and a lot of work.
After a short look, another venue was identified although the costs would be much higher and would result in a delayed opening date as the soonest we could open is February, this would enable us to hopefully open with appropriate funding such as an Awards for All grant which takes 3 months to be awarded.

Despite the problems I have made progress I now have a range of policies,  a business plan and have completed my registration with companies house. I have also been receiving help from the Social Enterprise North West Mentoring Scheme, they have paired me up with an excellent mentor from a Liverpool Housing Association.

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