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Party Checklist

It's the big day of the party,  you have hired the hall, organised the food and entertainment, what happens on the day is not a foregone conclusion and we have produced a checklist that will help you approach the celebration with less panic and more organisation!
There is so much thought that goes into planning an event that it is always helpful to have a list of actions and items that are necessary if you want your party to run smoothly. We hope that you find the following list helpful.

1.A couple of days before the event ring your venue to check everything is ok and make sure that you have all relevant contact details of caretaker and emergency numbers.
2. Do you have enough plates, bowls, paper lunch bags and cutlery.
3. Have you worked out a menu rather than going to the supermarket and just filling the trolley.
4. Who will be in charge of decorating both internally and externally.
5. Your activities will dictate the layout of the room, how many tables do you need and how much space will you need for entertainment.
6. Have you brought napkins or bags for the cake to be taken home in.
8. Birthday candles.
9. Party bags,
10. Money in envelopes for caterers or entertainment.
11. Bin bags and other cleaning items.

Don't forget to enjoy the party if you can and don't pressure yourself to have the party of the century as children are often most impressed with the simple things and won't be expecting their own private fairground.
If I have missed anything out please do leave a comment and thank you for reading.

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