Kids party and mobile creche fun!

The mysteries of marketing!

As you all know, I am trying to promote my first fundraising event for the créche and playcentre. Despite sending information to various networks such as: The Social Enterprise Network, University of Liverpool and T-shirts and Suits creative network, I have had absolutely no response whatsoever.
It occurred to me that maybe e-mailing is not the most effective promotional tool, imagine my surprise when after only a few phone calls I had sold a good number of tickets and many more had promised to look into it. It appears that a personal touch is the ticket.

Another surprising result is how much easier it has been to obtain prizes. I have obtained a lovely swirls Dress from Amanda Seaborne, her range Damsel in a Dress is one of the lines that John Lewis stocks, I have also been given a gorgeous exclusive cheese board and knife set that Angela of  ARK Contemporary design has made.

If anyone has any other pearls of wisdom, short of dressing up as a christmas tree and walking round Liverpool

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