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Celebration! A guide to planning the perfect party

It's one of the most stressful events of our lives up there with moving house and financial management but with our guide we hope to take the mystery out of planning a celebration and save you time and money.

Please find listed a few pointers on what to consider when planning a party.
  • Venue - Recommendations are very important, always look around before you book and don't be scared to haggle. Make sure that you are confident that your booking is for the right date and that you have the contact details of the person that will open up the hall if it not staffed full time. Check for fire exits and first aid kits. 
  • Food - Work out a price per head and if you are planning a wedding or a high standard celebration and are hiring caterers or using on site catering make sure you are offered a tasting session. Delegate a member of your family to help prepare or collect if you are self catering.  
  •  Cake - Are you buying from a local baker, or from a supermarket or making one yourself, what is your budget and can they send samples, get recommendations.
  •  Entertainment - Are you hiring a DJ or a children's entertainer or will you be doing some activities yourself, the old favourites such as pass the parcel and musical bumps are great for children 4 years plus and younger children love a few balloons and toys, be creative and do some research to see what other people have done, sites such as Pinterest are great for ideas. Make sure you book early as the most popular entertainers are booked well in advance.
  • Venue decoration and themes - Would you like a jungle party or an over the rainbow celebration, there are lots of organisations that can transform a space, or you could attempt at doing the decoration yourselves, remember to use your printer, there are lots of free printable resources, Disney printables has a good site.
  • Party bags - There are lots of shops that offer party supplies, from pound shops to department stores and there are lots of options, a popular favourite at our parties is a bottle of bubbles,lots of sweets and a balloon animal.  Prices start from £1 upwards depending on how exclusive you want your party to be, we offer personalised fabric back packs at the top end.
  • Finishing touches - Are you going to hire a chocolate fountain or a caricaturist or will you  be having a candy buffet, there is lots on offer to make your party very special.
Good luck with your celebration and if you have any tips or idea's then please leave a comment.

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