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Halloween ideas

Halloween is a big occassion these days, my children certainly have a great time calling on
neighbourhood doors and coming home with an enormous bag of goodies but what can you do if your children cannot go knocking on doors or it simply isn't an option for you, you may have preschoolers or a child with special needs.

There are a couple of options, we have designed a  trail for a 15 month old's Halloween party, with the use of a washing line we will be hanging glow sticks and various decorations to guide the children along, we are also using pumpkins and battery powered tea lights to create a trail which will have lots of prizes and treats that the children have to find. The treats include chocolate mice, candy string and any other halloween based sweets, For older children you can put craft items in the pumpkins and they can complete the crafts when they have finished the trail.

At the end of the trail we have decorated a room where a party will take place although you can just have the kitchen table as a focus for the crafts.

The other option is to have a craft party, we had several crafts at our art club special at The Light Cinema, the activities included bunting creating and decorating, with pumpkin circles, bats with black card and ghosts, we whole punched a whole in the top of the card and placed household string through the wholes. We also had treat bag decorating, masks, face painting and colouring. Other activities include spider pompoms using wool and card, for instructions see Kidspot .

We hope you have a lovely halloween, if you would like to find out about our local events on the Wirral, in Chester and Liverpool, please check out Bluey & Baloo's  website.

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