Kids party and mobile creche fun!

Self employed mum and loving it

Since 2007 and I have found myself becoming
 more and more absorbed in various aspects of my business and have become some what of a networking enthusiast and try to attend at least one session a week. The joy of conversation and of building relationships is very satisfying, the best thing is that we have the power to have a very positive effect on another persons life with referrals and recommendations, my husband was recently exasperated that when he suggested he go to the local garage for tyres, I mentioned that I had a contact that did tyres and that we should try them first.

As a mother of 3 girls, the ability to spend quality time with my daughters is very important and only today I have baked brownies, made paper mache Christmas decorations all with the assistance of my 2 year old.

Because my business if focussed around children's activities, my little one has so much choice and I don't have a nervous breakdown when she makes an enormous mess - it's all part of the job!

 Childcare is another benefit particular to my business although, many self employed mums manage to juggle childcare and self employment very well,  the growing number of mums networking groups helps (Biz Mums networking and Networking Mums) and is a great way to accessing support.

Social media also enables me to communicate with customers and other businesses and promote Bluey and Baloo within the comfort of my home, Twitter has been especially enjoyable as a tool for conversation during the many hours that are hosted (Merseybiz on Tuesday nights at 8pm, Northwesthour Wednesdays and Friday 8pm and weddingoclock Sunday at 9pm).

The best part of all is a job well done, it is myself and my family that directly benefits from our efforts and of course it doesn't get any better than when we receive positive feedback.

If you would like to share any positive experiences of being a business mum. please leave a comment below. Contact us if you would like to know about our family friendly franchise opportunity which comes with your own childcare team and flexible working. More information is on our Franchise page

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