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Dodgy customer

I pride myself on providing a good and honest service, what upsets me is when a customer swindles me for no reason. Yesterday I had a customer that decided at the end of the party, (that went very well i might add) to pay me £50 less than the agreed price, the stated reason was the lack of games provided, unfortunately time went fast and I did not find time to do more than a few parachute games and pass the parcel. By this time I had done the work and was not going to argue with 5 of them. What was most astounding is that I have done parties for the price they paid, they however did not try too haggle or negotiate.
Instead of leaving the party with a sense of satisfaction, I felt incredibly dumbfounded, at one point one of the kids defended me whilst they were ganging up to complain. They made the odd suggestion that they would be happy to recommend us!!!

If any other Childrens entertainers have had a similar experience I would love to know.

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