Kids party and mobile creche fun!

Awards, free gifts and competitions

This has been a fantastic week. On Tuesday I met my fellow finalists for the Big Community Idea (BCI), it was nice to talk to my fellow community workers, what a mostly laid back bunch we are.
The ideas ranged from Community Reporting, Youth Sport Coaching and a Community Cafe  all good ideas. None involved a creche or Training Academy, it's nice to have an original idea.
On arriving home more good news awaited me that Smarties had reached the shortlist for project of the year at the Merseyside Spirit Awards.
This afternoon I ventured into Birkenhead with my Daughter, for a spot of advertising of the Play Sessions at Oxton, New Ferry and Wallasey, most people were not rude to me and appreciated that I was not trying to sell anything,  only one mother stomped passed me, much to my amusement!

I decided that it would be better to approach the Early Learning Centre to see if they would let me put some of my leaflets on the counter, they not only said yes but also offered me a donation of a smart toy called a Swinx, this jolly little item is an electronic toy that comes with 10 games that the children can have fun doing, this toy is worth £100 so I was very taken aback, it's not often that I go into a shop and come out with a donation without even asking.

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