Kids party and mobile creche fun!

Thornton Manor Wedding

Off to Thornton Manor, my first Wirral Wedding!  Entertainment for 17 kids, the usual kind of entertainment was being offered however, my ball pool turned up from the couriers minus the main section. This has thrown a small spanner in the works as I will now  be visiting Wirral Play Council to borrow theirs.  I have plans for bubbles, colouring, fabric crafts and play equipment then at the end a spot of balloon modelling.

The room I will be entertaining in is very nice and old, the house itself is spectacular,  it is a real pleasure to be working in such glorious surroundings. The children are a treat, it's a joy to be a childrens entertainer at Weddings. The only considerations are enabling the children to visit their parents without causing the waiting staff a problem.
The other thing is how to keep the room as we found it, we have managed very well so far to protect carpets from play dough, one of us has to be constantly watching the floor for spillages.

I have a new lady starting today,  she is a childminder that has just moved to Chester. Hope she manages o.k.

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