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Playtime - Helping poor children have fun and gain valuable skills

I am a great believer in one person being able to make a difference. My goal to set up a play centre in order to make a difference particularly to the lives of the children of Merseyside.
If you take into account the following facts taken from the Office for National Statistics on national child poverty rates:

Children living in Poverty - percentages according to region:
  • Living in Northern Ireland 25 per cent;
  • Living in Scotland 25 per cent;
  • Living in Wales 27 per cent;
  • Living in England 28 per cent.
Within England
  • Living in the South East 19 per cent;
  • Living in Eastern England 22 per cent;
  • Living in the East Midlands 25 per cent;
  • Living in the South West 26 per cent;
  • Living in the North West and Merseyside 29 per cent;
  • Living in Yorkshire and the Humber 29 per cent;
  • Living in the North East 30 per cent;
  • Living in the West Midlands 32 per cent;
  • Living in Outer London 34 per cent;
  • Living in Inner London 51 per cent.

In fact the levels for Liverpool are higher due to the ethnicity of certain groups living within the city.

There is clearly a need for more play provision,  due to the high numbers of children living under the poverty line.
Research shows that play has many benefits for children, families and the wider community, as well as improving health and quality of life. Recent research suggests that children's access to good play provision can:
  • increase their self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect
  • improve and maintain their physical and mental health
  • give them the opportunity to mix with other children
  • allow them to increase their confidence through developing new skills
  • promote their imagination, independence and creativity      
for more child poverty statistics and a definition of play please see Play England's website.

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