Kids party and mobile creche fun!

Children's Party Activities

If you are having a celebration that involves children and are considering entertaining them yourself then hopefully this list should make any event run smoothly.
  1. Toys - every family has them, ask friends and family to bring a couple of items that they are happy to share,  make sure they are fairly robust to avoid breakages.
  2. Bubbles - these can provide lots of fun for little cost, use cookie cutters, pipe cleaners and hands as well as bubble wands.
  3. Party games - These are as popular now as ever, you could also get an inexpensive parachute.
  4. Arts and crafts - children love glitter glue and painting,  colouring with pens and crayons is another option.
  5. Storytime - act out a favourite story.
  6. Treasure hunt - hide anything from clues to prizes, make sure you hide things at the last minute so prizes are not found before the hunt begins.
  7. Fun with Food  - Cookie or cake decorating are a popular favourite.
  Remember to ask friends and family for assistance, alternatively, hiring an entertainer would enable you to relax and enjoy the celebration knowing the children are catered for.

For activity options please see Bluey & Baloo's arty fun page or our Facebook site

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